I have been doing embroidery for a very long time, I started out with the very first home machine and have since had one or two in my home since.  On my 50th birthday my hubby upgraded my embroidery machine and bought me Embird.  I learned to digitize and for a couple of years gave my designs away till a friend encouraged me to start a website.  I started on a free website with 5 designs, then expanded that one to paid. (Just Sew Costa Rica).  I was living in Costa Rica at the time..  When I went to a full on website(Just Sew Sandy) I ran that for a year, then converted to Just Sew Sandy and Debora.  Since we parted ways, I have now gone back to Just Sew Sandy.

      I also do custom design and logo work, so most days I am up in my sewing studio working 12 hour days and 6 days a week.  Yes I am dedicated to my craft and customer service.

I lived in Costa Rica 12 years and 5 years ago moved to Guimaras Philippines where I live on a beautiful mango farm.  Sure is a long ways away from my home area of Oroville, CA.

Always feel free to contact me if you have problems with one of my designs.

Thanks all,